Friday, June 22, 2012

What Does the Back Look Like?

Do you ever wonder what the back looks like?  Here is my Victorian project in progress.  I finished embroidering the individual triangles and joined them this morning.  It's not pressed yet.  And I will wait to trim the outside border until just before I bind it.
One of the three challenge fabrics was a large floral print.  I planned from the beginning to fussy cut one of the motifs and applique a hexagon to the center.  It was silly to get it ready ahead of time.  Too big!  I'll have to cut it down and try again if I don't want to cover up too much of the work already done. 

Once I settle the hexagon question, I'll be ready to layer and add a bit more stitching.  I'm not sure yet how I am going to handle the six main seams.  Any suggestions?


Katherine said...

fussy cut out the floral portion instead of using the entire hexagon>
:) Katherine

Lori R said...

Thanks, Katherine. Before I heard from you I had tested different size hexagons and just decided to make a smaller one. It will be appliqued on today!