Monday, June 11, 2012

Blondie's Castle is Complete

Blondie's Castle was almost together when I shared it last:
The flat roof on the right side bothered me, though, so I added a wedge of purple.  Then I added aqua binding before I started the embellishment.
The finishing touches were 1) a bat, 2) bead fringe below two roofs, and 3) embroidery in the form of asterisks and chain lines.  There are also a few random beads covering bloopers in the machine blanket stitch.  How about a couple of close-ups?

This was supposed to be a "cityscape".  Funny how Blondie claimed the whole construction!


P. said...

I love everything you did with it--the roof, the embellishments, the bat (hee!), the border. Very fun and very cool!

Sally Hamilton said...


NickiJ said...

Your quilt is so gorgeous. I loved the originality! Did you design it yourself or can the pattern be purchased somewhere? Love your stuff!

Lori R said...

NickiJ - it's an original quilt. For inspiration, look up "cityscapes" and also Karen Eckmeier's 'accidental landscapes" pattern series. It is REALLY fun when you get started, just moving shapes around until you like what you have.