Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Blondie's Castle!

I've finished the machine work on the "cityscapes" quilt.  With the fusing done, I machine quilted straight lines in the background and buttonhole stitch around windows and flowers.  The discovery of BLONDIE fabric fit right in with the whimsical feel.
What's next?  Beading and binding ... this project was fun and went together fast.

I made a little more progress on the black, white and red table topper, too.  Before I started, I replaced the blade in my rotary cutter and it made all the difference.  I am famous for waiting WAY too long to change a blade.  Maybe that is why my cutting mats are getting so ragged?   
Here are the pieces for the first one cut out.  I made enough strip sets to make two in these colors.  More tomorrow.


P. said...

Blondie's Castle is so fun. I just love the bright colors and whimsy. And the black/red/white table topper, squee!! Sorry to get all 13-year-old in your comments, but it's such a kick to see yours come together. Makes me want to make more. Oh yeah, I guess I better take the ones I've got made and finish that quilt.

Lori R said...

Thanks P. I love the encouragement! Binding goes on Blondie's Castle tonight.