Friday, May 31, 2013

Oh Oh - Stuck Again

I machine quilted my pelican yesterday.  Now it's time for the finishing touches.  Here it is, with binding in progress.  Looking ahead, I found some embroidery floss that might work for embellishment.  I even made some polymer clay beads.
Now the binding is done and the embellishment has begun.  Not as easy as I thought!  I tried the beads here and there and they just look spotty.  While I mulled things over, I added some small gold beads.
I believe that I will switch gears and work on something else for a while.

Thursday, May 30, 2013


I was waiting to post these two projects when they were finished, but I became aware of a CONTEST on "Stitched in Color" that ends at midnight tonight!  They are asking for pictures of any and all string quilts or string quilt tops finished in 2013.  I stitched the binding on yesterday.  The only thing left is the hand stitch finishing.  
Who but me would buy a Tupperware box labeled "feed sack scraps" at a quilt show for $15?!  The scraps sat in that box for a while before this pattern caught my eye.  I quilted in big stitch with #8 red pearl cotton.  Here is a detail picture.
I'm lucky enough to own a few whole feed sacks, so that is where I got the border.  The solids are "new" fabric.  I also added a few vintage buttons.

My little pelican is also almost finished.  It is layered, ready to machine quilt.  Those little skinny strips should qualify it as a string quilt too!