Saturday, June 23, 2012

Quiltin' Cat

Today's Saturday morning class at the store was titled "Introduction to String Piecing".  Everything was organized on the table, just waiting for the students to arrive.  Sure glad I have a quilting cat to guard things.
There was a little bit of noise and confusion as sewing machine cases were rolled in.  Baby came back as the ladies sewed.  I don't know if she likes us or just wanted to enjoy the ceiling fan.
She claimed that corner and stayed put until the last person left.


Jean said...

lol love it. My cats love quilting, though I don't take them along to class with me. I assume yours lives at the shop?

Lori R said...

The two girls HATE HATE HATE traveling in the car, so we only take them to our home when we will be away for multiple days. I have a faithful friend who lives very close to the store who looks in on them when we are gone.