Tuesday, January 15, 2019

New Year - New Post

I just received my copy if The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters by Sherri Lynn Wood and made this small quilt as my first stab at trying some of the methods described.

This is approximately 24" square.  I cropped the photo so you can't see the ragged edges.  I will layer and begin machine quilting today.  It was fun, and a challenge to make with NO RULERS.

May apologies for being absent so long.  Busy year, not all of it good.  But here is another recently completed quilt top, 44" x 44".  I saw a quilt on the internet that I liked and drew it up on EQ8.  I don't know the original pattern name or quilter but I am calling mine "Serpentine".

That's enough for now.  Wanted to check in and let everybody know I'm still alive.  Most of my posting goes on the shop blog, so you can always travel over to https://cottonfieldsnc.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Crooked Crazy Squares

In progress on Saturday:

Blocks trimmed and sewn together today:

Does it need a border?

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Recent Finishes

I had a private class here at the shop for three out of town friends who wanted to learn how to make spirals.  They had seen my earlier spiral quilt:

After the class and demonstration, I had another spiral started.  So, I forged ahead and finished it in record time.  18" x 21".


The Pamlico River Quilters Guild will present their quilt show "Stars Over the Pamlico" on Sept. 28 and 29.  Members are encouraged to make a small (18" or less) predominantly blue quilt for the challenge "The Sky's the Limit".  I just finished mine:


Preview of things to come …….

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Who Spilled the Buttons?

It started as a color study at a meeting of Artrageous Quilters here at Cotton Fields Quilt Shop on May 5.  Finished tonight - unless I decide it needs more buttons.

Machine pieced, machine quilted, facing instead of border and binding.  Size 17" x 23".

Instead of studying color wheel and color schemes, we approached color from a more intuitive direction, noting what we liked about different combinations:  contrast, light vs. dark, etc.  It was interesting to note that, even though the center squares are all 2" and the next squares 4", their sizes seem to shift, depending on their backgrounds.  The three black accents were added both to add a little interest and also to provide more contrast in their respective blocks.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Another Cat

Prompted by an activity at "Artrageous Quilters".  We were instructed to use paints, stamps, stencils to create just the impression of something.  Simple, lots of fun, only 13" wide and 10" tall.

Thursday, October 19, 2017


I feel like my attention has been scattered in a lot of different directions!

I've been asked to teach a class on collage animals.  The patterns by Laura Heine (Fiberworks) have been very popular in this area.  So I had to give it a try.  It is not on a background or quilted yet, but my collage cat is together.

Next up is what I call "playing with Grandma's scraps".  I have a box full of scraps that came from my grandmother.  A while back I came across them and wondered what I was saving them for?  I have a love of free-form scrappy blocks, so, with inspiration from Victoria Findlay Wolfe's 15 Minutes of Play, I made four propeller blocks.  First it had a much brighter yellow border.  I was stuck for a while, then changed to the gold shown here.   

This afternoon I added half square scrappy triangle blocks for another border.  I'm not finished yet, but will think about the next step for a while.  I still have plenty of  Grandma's scraps.

The last item in today's SHOW-AND-TELL is a fidget mat that I made for my neighbor.  Her mother is an Alzheimer's patient and nurses had suggested this.  It was my first try, but I think it turned out OK.  It was kind of fun to find a variety of textures and baubles and sew them on VERY SECURELY. 

I continue to work on the small quilt with striped squares shown previously.  It is being hand quilted as we speak!  And I cut out to sew a bunch of Cathedral Window tree ornaments.  They'll appear here soon! 

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Not a Quilt

It is a rainy Sunday afternoon and I headed upstairs to the sewing/craft room to play for a while.  I hadn't done any jewelry-making recently, so I sat down to see what I could find to do.

First I found a pendant that I had started.  Some wire wrapped around a (shell?) disc.  It was pretty plain and the wire wasn't stabilized very well.  I added some wraps with finer gauge wire and also added the dangles at the bottom.  I think it looks better now!

Next, I found a zip-lock baggie of brass "rice" beads.  I had to go to 22 gauge wire to get through the beads.  I made this dainty little bracelet.  As I was cleaning up, I came across the little turtle charm, so I made a jump ring and added him!

I  also found a bracelet that I had started a while back, with green  glass beads.  It didn't take too long to finish, but I'm not 100% certain that I used the same gauge wire.  Next time I won't leave an unfinished project for so long, or I will at least make a note!   

When I have a few more pieces ready to go, I will clean them all up and add a patina, which will darken the copper and make them look more finished.