Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Another Phone Book Quilt

It happens to me time after time.  When I teach or demonstrate, I end up with the beginnings of another project.

Today I presented a workshop to the Pamlico River Quilters Guild in Washington, NC.  The ladies had admired what I called my "Phone Book Quilt", a quilt inspired by the book String Quilt Revival by Virginia Baker and Barbara Sanders.  Here's my quilt.
For today's meeting, I made up some new sample blocks.  This time I chose to use batiks.  Here is one block, trimmed, with a stack of phone books squares ready to go.
And here are the first eight blocks completed, to give a better idea of what this will look like.
I just LOVE string quilts!  They are a fun way to use all sorts of left-overs!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Two Finishes

I concentrated on handwork for the weekend.  The binding is on the Which Way table topper.

  Here's the "before" picture:

And here it is finished:
Which Way was a fast and fun pattern from GE Designs.  What made it fast was the quilt-as-you-go construction.  This morning I ordered two more of their patterns to try!

Last Friday afternoon, I finished the machine quilting on the Twisted Wreath.  With the binding on, it was the second thing that I finished over the weekend.
I taught a class on reverse applique on Saturday.  Soon I will have the pelican and another project ready to show off.  Tomorrow I'm teaching a string piecing workshop for the local quilt guild.  My class samples will soon be yet another unfinished project ...... 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pelican Progress

I've been working on a number of projects.  Here is the PELICAN, almost done.
What can I do to jazz it up?  There is plenty of strip piecing under the surface.  I may add a little star.

I'm always working on a dozen things at once.  Here is the latest store sample that I'm putting together, from another great pattern from GE Designs.
My GREAT sister-in-law, Jeri, is always scouting out new ideas at her local quilt shop and she told me about this pattern.  It's a quilt as you go table topper.  To streamline the process, I used one fabric for all of the triangles.  Maybe I'll make a scrappy one the next time around.  Yes, I have these patterns for sale at the store.  Call me.  252-948-0372.
What's next on the schedule?  The twister wreath is ready to quilt.  And there is a reverse applique class at the shop on Saturday.  And I am teaching a workshop about strip quilting to the local quilt guild on Wednesday.  And ... And ... And ....... 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Twisted Wreath Update

The borders went on the Twisted Wreath this afternoon.  I enjoyed making it and will probably make another when the new Christmas fabric comes in.  Now I just have to figure out how I want to quilt it.

Remember the reverse applique bird from earlier in the month?

One of my friends asked if I could make an owl or a pelican.  Well .... it seems like everyone is making owls these days, so I'm making a pelican.  I string pieced another under-layer and worked on drawing a pelican silhouette.  I found some ideas on Google images to get me started, then drew my own.  This was about the 3rd or 4th try.  I like it now.

Here's the top layer added to the pile.  I will baste around the entire outline 1/4" out from the drawn line and then begin the applique process.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Partners in Crime

Last night, Sally, Ruth and I had more than a little fun with fabric paints.  Sally shared this great DVD with us.
We also looked through Mickey Lawler's book
Then we played with Setacolor Paints, using some of the methods we had read about.  Here's Ruth.
I wanted to try out the scrunching method.  This is what it looked like last night.  It took all night and most of today to air dry.
When dry, I stretched it out.
Then I took it to the ironing board and pressed it well (the fabric paint needs to be heat-set anyway).  I'm pretty happy with the results and will try this again.
Yes, I'm still working on the wreath wall hanging.  I am currently trimming and sewing the new squares back together.  It will be ready for viewing SOON.  Here's a close-up of one of the squares under the twister tool.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Twisted Wreath

It's time for a new shop sample!  I've been wanting to try out this pattern by Rose Pohlar.
It's the ultimate example of cut it up, sew it back together, cut it up AGAIN and sew it back together.  Even though I have flag fabric in the store, I decided to try a large floral print.  I may use the flag fabric in a future wreath.  I'd also like to make it up in Christmas greens.
I've just completed the first step.  Now I will trim with the "Lil' Twister" ruler and sew those squares together.  Stay tuned. 

There's another challenge on the horizon!  This time, participants were each given a fat quarter of this bright, Kona Bay Fabrics butterfly print.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Another Challenge Completed!

Back on December 18, I gave a progress report and a pretty thorough description of the March challenge.  It was a year-long challenge with the local "Artrageous Fiber Art" quilt group.  I began working in earnest last May, then in fits and starts all year.  Now it is MARCH and the challenges will all be revealed tomorrow!

Here is the final result, finished size 30" x 22":
Here is the back side:
This was one of those 2-gallon-bag challenges, where participants swapped zip-lock bags full of "stuff".  I was not real happy in the beginning.  The largest single piece in the bag was a JoAnn's pre-printed skirt panel.  I ended up turning it to my advantage, using it for backing and binding and fussy cutting pink for the piecing of the word "recycle".  That's what I felt I was doing with the "stuff" in  the bag!  I AM happy with the results.

Tomorrow, the quilts will be given back to the member who supplied the original bag.  I can't wait to see what another person has done with my bag of "stuff"!!!

Included in the rules was the provision that we could make a quilt for ourselves to keep with the supplies in the bag.  Back in my posts on Jan. 17 and 21, I showed the beginning of a reverse applique project.  It was made with left-overs from the challenge and tonight it is finished too!
Here is it's back side (more of that horrible panel!) 
I hope that I can get some pictures of the other challenge pieces to share.