Thursday, June 27, 2013

I Created my Own Free-Form Quilt

This afternoon I put the facing on the quilt that I made in Rayna Gillman's workshop.  I am pleased with the results.  I see a lot more strips and strings in my future.

I'd be sewing more strips together right now if I didn't have a quilt shop to run.  There is a new beginning quilting class on the horizon and a new Cotton Fields pattern in the works.  I can show you the fabrics that I have chosen for my sample:
A Timeless Treasures collection called "Eclipse" provided the inspiration, but in the end, only two pieces made it into the mix.  

Another bit of "homework" to do before I play with my scraps is putting the binding on a lap quilt that came back from the machine quilter yesterday.  When that is done, I'll have more show-and-tell.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

What a difference a day makes

Our second day with Rayna Gillman FLEW by.  We had such a wonderful time, working and watching what our fellow classmates were coming up with.  I put away some of my strip sets from the first day and concentrated on these units that were more unified in color.  Bits of black and white, plus narrow accent strips of lime green and orange livened things up. 

I played with these little units...

Then wondered how they would all work together...

Little by little the composition took shape.

Here it is, ready for quilting.  My only regret is that I am going on a short trip and can't quilt it TOMORROW!!

Here's Rayna, taking a look at Paula's work in progress.

Here's Lori M., making dozens of interesting elements for her piece.

Debby's composition is close to completion.

Katherine's is ready to go!  She had a second piece finished by the end of the day, but I missed getting a picture.  It was totally different, all shades of lime green.

Charlotte's piece was lovely and restful, in shades of periwinkle blue.

Behind the scenes, there was chaos on every sewing table.

Making art is messy work!

Thanks, Rayna!!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Baby Steps


Twelve interested quilters worked with Rayna Gillman from 10 am until 5 pm today.  Whew!  What a lot of fun.  We cut lots and lots of skinny strips, sewed strip sets, then manipulated our creations to explore various design possibilities.  It was a great exercise for someone like me who tends to be a "little" on the obsessive side.  Wow, I didn't use a pin all day!

Here are Lori M. and Paula in action.

Strips sets made to coordinate with a hand painted panel.

A composition is taking shape.

Here's Ruth hard at work.  We all had large pieces of batting taped to the wall to use as design walls.  Those are mine on the far left.  I think that things will really take shape when we meet for the second day of the class tomorrow.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Is it a Disease?

Tomorrow and Saturday, I will be in a workshop with Rayna Gillman, author of Create Your Own Free-Form Quilts.  I am so excited!  This morning, I spent a lot of time cutting strips and squares in preparation.  This is the aftermath, with all of the scraps, crumbs, and threads cleared away. 

I looked through a LOT of scraps and remnants, and might have gotten more done in a shorter period of time if I hadn't stopped to admire selvages.

I wonder if this is a disease, obsession, addiction or what?  I have made a couple of selvage projects and so far have only inspired one other person (Thanks, Sue Fry!)  I keep saving them and now people bring me their selvages, too.

Have you seen these blocks???  I made them last fall.  Then I put them aside to take care of more pressing things.  Now they are missing in action.  I think that I put them in a box.  Is it at the store or at the house???  Sally says that when I find that, I might find her missing passport or the new checks that I just ordered.  I put them in a "safe" place instead of the "usual" place.  That should teach me.

When I find them, they will be my next selvage project.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Quilters by the Sea

I attended the annual quilt show in Wilmington, NC, presented by the Quilters by the Sea guild.  It was 99 degrees when we arrived on Thursday for set-up.  Thanks to a bit of an overnight storm, the temps were much nicer for the rest of the weekend.  Here's what the car looked like when we took off.

Of course, there were many wonderful quilts.  Most at this show were fairly traditional.  Their raffle quilt was lovely: 

Here's a close-up.

This is what the booth looked like by the end of the show.  On the second day, the Ghana baskets sold like hotcakes and we ended up only taking home the four small ones you can see in the picture.  One surprise was that someone wanted to buy my Erogette sample.  I sold it!  Now I will make another!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


My little spider web quilt ( 22" x 24") is finished and ready to travel with me to the quilt show in Wilmington.

It was a quick fun project.  The pattern "Erogette" was designed by SEW SISTERS.  I'll have the patterns for sale in my booth and later back at the store.  What makes the pattern special and unique is that each one includes a one-of-a-kind rust dyed spider web panel.

Here's a close-up of the yo-yo spider, with wool yarn legs and red bead eyes.  Big stitch quilting with #12 black pearl cotton.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Workshop

My friend, Katherine, presented a workshop on "Improv Log Cabins" to the quilt guild in Rocky Mount, NC (Tar River Piecemakers Quilting Guild).  I got a good start there, then went home and completed a total of 20 crooked log cabin blocks.  Here are nine of them.

I'll wait to trim the blocks until I decide between several possibilities for arranging them.  They could GROW .... or, they might look striking set with white spacers.  For the time being, they will just have to wait because I'm packing to go to another quilt show this coming weekend.

Here is one of Katherine's completed "Improv Log Cabin" quilts.  To see more, go to her blog

Now, about that quilt show next weekend.  It is in Wilmington, NC, presented by the Quilters By the Sea quilt guild.  The location is the Temple Baptist Church Activity Center, 709 George Anderson Drive, Wilmington, NC.  Hours are Friday, June 14, 10 am - 7 pm and Saturday, June 15, 10 am - 5 pm.

Y'all come!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Where's the Spider?

I had hoped to have this little quilt finished in time for show-and-tell at the guild meeting this morning.  I probably would have made it too, if I hadn't taken time out to go to an art quilt exhibit opening reception and then out to dinner last night.  I'm on the final stretch ... half way around the outer border with a straight line.  It's not going to show anyway.  I could have chosen another thread color for the border, but I didn't want to call attention away from the spider.  What spider?  The pattern calls for a yo-yo spider.  That won't take any time at all, once the binding is on.  Then I will have to decide on a method for the spider legs.

Here is where I was last night.  A fine exhibit on the campus of East Carolina University.  Even though the opening reception has come and gone, the exhibit will be hanging until June 28.  It is a joint international exhibit featuring Professional Art Quilters Alliance (PAQA) members and Taiwan Art Quilt Society members.  There were some breathtaking, innovative quilts on display.  For more information, call 252-328-6336.

One last word about the spider:  the little quilt WILL be finished in time to travel with me to Wilmington next weekend (I'll have patterns to sell!)  The Quilters By the Sea guild will be presenting a quilt show.

Friday, June 14, 10 am-7 pm
Saturday, June 15, 10 am-5 pm

Temple Baptist Church Activity Center
709 George Anderson Drive
Wilmington, NC

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Yes, I HAVE been sewing!

I do not know what happened to May.  Only two posts!  I have been sewing, but not working on big projects.  I've made several new samples for the store.

1)  I usually say that I don't like to sew clothes.  I made an exception for this pattern "A Little Something Jacket" by CNT Pattern Company, Aspen Colorado.  The pattern has been a best-seller at the store and a sample was long overdue.  I made the simple, unlined jacket in one evening.

2)  "Suzy's Sack" is another cute idea suggested by my sister-in-law, Jeri.  Some of my quilting/golfing customers have decided that it is just the right size of golf tees.  The way the handle is made makes it easy to clip to the outside of a golf bag.

3)  Along with a line of fabric featuring OWLS, I've got panels to make these simple soft counting books.  From South Seas Imports, the "Owl Wonderful" collection.

4)  Here's what's on the schedule for today.  The pattern "Erogette", by two North Carolina quilters, Lisa Alley and Karen Fridy, includes the rust-dyed center panel.  I'll get those outer borders sewed on and layer to quilt before the day is done.  It will be another big-stitch project.......

Speaking of big stitch, the latest string quilt is finished.  It's been in the works for quite a while.  The binding was finished last night.  One of my friends was wondering about the size, it's 38" x 51".  Remember, it started with a plastic box labeled "feed sack scraps".  I made as many blocks as I could from that box and that determined the size.