Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Crazy Quilt Progress

Progress on the Victorian crazy quilt has been slow.  As you can see, Cassie can barely keep her eyes open as she waits for me to get something done.  I am adding hand embroidery to each of the six triangle pieces, changing colors of threads and changing stitches and I have all of them partly done.
Sally loaned me a nice book on embroidery that illustrates a number of stitches and that has helped a lot.  Here's a close-up of two parts.  I'll try to get it put together next week.
So, what else have I been doing besides not getting this project finished?  I must confess that I discovered the author Lawrence Sanders and have been very entertained by his series that feature the character Archy McNally.  I've checked out and read about four in a row now.  Fun!

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Jean said...

The block triangles are pretty. I will have to check out that author.