Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rick Rack Mats

Thanks again to P.  I saw this idea on the blog "String Thing Along", but she actually has a tutorial of the entire process on HER blog "The Way I Sew It".  Very good instructions. 
Here's one little tip that I'd like to pass along.  I learned it years ago when taking a class that involved sewing and turning circle shapes.  Instead of clipping curves, trim closely with pinking shears.  It has the effect of many, many tiny clips and really helps to form smooth curves.  Here are my two table toppers at the trimming stage.

And here are the finished table toppers.  They are approximately 15" in diameter.  P. warned that the application of the rick rack was a bit tedious, and she wasn't kidding!  It got easier on the second mat as I got the hang of it.
"Blondie's Castle" is getting its finishing touches and the finished piece will be available for viewing soon.

Right now I've got to get things rounded up for a beginning quilting class that starts here tomorrow ........  


P. said...

Those are so pretty! Good tip on the curves. I did not even clip mine, just turned and pressed. Yeah, the rickrack is kind of fiddly, but you did it! Nicely done!!

Lori R said...

Thanks! I already have another idea where I can CHEAT - how about using a big striped fabric instead of piecing strips??? I've got a great candidate on my sale rack. Ha ha ha.

Dawn Hendrix said...