Thursday, May 10, 2012

Playing With My Scraps

The Tar River Piecemakers Quilters Guild (TRPQG) of Rocky Mount, NC, is very well organized in the area of charity quilts.  One of their projects is making and filling cloth bags that police officers carry to give to children in crisis situations.  Inside the bags are assorted items, one of which is a "comfort square", a little 12" quilt that just might provide some child something to hold onto.  That's what I set out to make last night with a giant bag of scraps.  I didn't do anything terribly complicated - in most cases I let the novelty fabrics do the work.  I just finished the binding on the last one, so thought I'd show them off before I turn them in.
HAVE YOU EVER AGREED TO DO A DEMO WITHOUT HAVING A SAMPLE MADE?  Oops, that's what I just did.  I thought that maybe I could start out with a coordinated group of fat quarters, so I got out a little bundle that I won at a guild meeting.
Pretty, but someone was sneaky, and they are not fat quarters!  I need more than that anyway, so I checked the cupboard of scraps ...
Getting better.  THEN, I went to the back closet and hit pay dirt with a couple of larger pieces!  Now I've got more than enough to get started.  That's the project for tonight.
I'm continuing to work on the recent challenge quilt, but decided that I had better not keep showing it on the blog because it is supposed to be a secret!  The wrong person just might check in and see it!!