Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A New Craft

Need I say more?

Yes, I made this pull-tab flower.  My friend, Peggy, started it all when she came to visit wearing pull-tab earrings.  I passed that idea on to my daughter's friend, Michelle, who is a serious jewelry-maker.  Michelle, in turn, sent me a link on Facebook showing these flowers.  Fun!  There will probably be more.

On a more serious note, the local group of fiber artists met at the store on Saturday to explore some dye techniques, led by Dr. Katherine McNeese.  Katherine graciously gathered materials, pre-treated the fabric, and mixed the dyes for us.  The first thing that we tried was shibori dyeing of cotton fabric.  We rolled, tied and scrunched the cotton fabric on PVC pipe.  Darn, we didn't get pictures of the rolled up fabric, but here are the ends of the pipes sticking out of the buckets of dye.
While we were waiting for the required amount of time to elapse, we were in the classroom, folding silk chiffon scarves "flag style" into little triangle bundles and securing the corners with rubber bands.
The silk scarves were dyed in plastic bags with a different kind of dye.  Corners were dipped in contrasting colors.  When unfolded, we hung them on the porch railing and they were dry in a jiffy!
 Now, back to the buckets!  Here are the two pieces that I dyed.  One was rolled straight on the pipe, the other diagonally.  I love the effects.  
To see the group blog, go to http://artrageousfibreart.blogspot.com/

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Sally Hamilton said...

The pull tab flower is so cute!