Friday, May 4, 2012

More Crooked Fun

In this latest episode of "Improv R Us" I'll show you all of the progress made so far on the challenge quilt.  Can you tell I'm having fun?  This is where things stood when I went to bed last night:
Here's what I added this morning:
I've left a few open spaces for later embellishments.  Included in the bag of "goodies" I received were some sewn and stuffed circles, two colors of metallic cording, the felted flower, and a little bit of red lace.  You can see that I added the lace to two of the orange strips today.  Now I have to fold everything up and hide it because the art quilt group holding this challenge is meeting here tomorrow.

When I originally opened the bag of fabric odds and ends, one of the first things I saw was an old panel of fabric with JOANN's printed prominently on the selvage.  After I recovered from my initial hostility (HA), I decided to embrace it and gave it a place of honor!
On the reading list this week has been Frankenstein.  The other day I told my daughter that I had recently seen the classic movie "Son of Frankenstein" and discovered that it is the basis of the plot for the Mel Brooks film "Young Frankenstein" (which actually borrowed bits from all three original horror films).  She made the statement "You know, Mom, that the movies are nothing like the book".  So, I had to see for myself and she is RIGHT.  It's not a quick read, although not a very long book, because of the old fashioned, formal language but I am enjoying it.

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Jean said...

Love it so far. This will be an awesome quilt!