Monday, May 21, 2012

Distracted (again)

I'm here to tell you that cleaning only leads to trouble.  Yesterday, I was sorting through a box of very miscellaneous sewing items like magazines with patterns marked, sample blocks and more when I came across a paper pieced block that I originally made for a class.  I would have ignored it, but it was packed away with all the fabric for a fictional project, some of which was pre-cut.  I thought that if I would make three more blocks, I could make a little wall hanging or something.
If you like paper foundation piecing, be sure to check out  They have loads of great patterns including some free downloads.  That's where I went to print the extra patterns, and while I was there, I couldn't help doing a little browsing.  There is a nice eagle pattern and a cute turtle, but what caught my eye was this:
Everything came to a halt while I made my round "TUIT".  Everybody is always saying that they will get around-to-it and now I have one of my own.


P. said...

Love the round TUIT. I have to clean up a bit in my sewing room tomorrow before I can start to quilt, but I consider myself forewarned. ;)

Jean said...

I love it. I will have to make one too!