Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Kind of (Sewing) Day

Yesterday was a great day for getting things done.  In the morning, I finished the crocheted baby blanket.

In the afternoon, I decided to tackle my latest challenge.  This one involved participants exchanging 2 gallon Ziploc bags of supplies.  I can make any kind of "art" quilt that I want.  So far, I have done a lot more THINKING than sewing.  At first glance, I hated some of the things I was given to work with.  Then, I realized that because I felt that way, it would be a great challenge.  Trusting my first impression, I went with a recycling theme, because the things I have to work with certainly don't go together.  I finished the "recycle" letters and put them together (I did make a larger R).  Then I made two asterisks.  Then I went back to THINKING.  The felted lavender flower was among the supplies I was given.  
In the evening, I played with selvages.  Here are my blocks, eighteen so far, arranged on the floor this morning.  I saw a strippy quilt recently that was set together with a chevron pattern, so that's one option that I'm considering.

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Dawn Hendrix said...

Love love LOVE the selvages.... O MERCY LOVE THEM!