Thursday, March 24, 2011

Playing With Selvages (again)

This afternoon I was thinking about some ideas using selvages.  You're probably like me:  I often imagine things and work them out in my head, but never get around to actually getting started.  So, I decided to pull our my raggedy bag of selvages and get something started.
I had been toying with the idea of cutting shapes out of strip-pieced selvage units.  Flowers are easy.  How about a flower pot, too?  Then I went a step further, drew a circle on my base fabric and pieced the selvages around in a circle for my flower.
Next, I went in search of a background fabric.  I decided to use a light piece so there is room for some embellishment (maybe some stencilling?)  The orange at the bottom was just trimmed from the backing of that quilt that I "should" be binding.  It's past bed-time, so I'll have to stop for tonight, but this is what I have so far. 

1 comment:

Sally Hamilton said...

Too cute! Are you going to include a ladybug on it somewhere?