Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oops, Knitting Again

For no apparent reason, last night I pulled out a pattern for a mobius scarf that I had printed off ages ago.  If you are interested, it was from Episode DKNG-406 of "Knitty Gritty" on the DIY Network (back when it had a variety of programing, not just interior decorating, but that is another story).

The project requires 48 inch long circular needles, but luckily, I had ordered them way back when I printed the pattern.  I went digging through my drawer of "good yarn" to see if I had anything suitable.  I found an interesting yarn named "Acapulco", a blend of wool, acrylic, and viscose (?)

THEN I read through the pattern and didn't quite understand the cast-on method.  Youtube fixed me right up.  I looked up Cat Bordhi, the knitter featured in the TV episode and watched her.  Easy as pie, once you saw it done.  So I got started and it was instantly addictive.  I already have yarn chosen for a second project.  This one is less than half done, but I have enough to show you.
It doesn't look like much yet, but can you see the twist?  Think way back to math class when you made mobius strips out of paper.  One twist makes it a magical, continuous loop.

I tried to stretch the side a bit so the pattern can be seen.
One last thing - a stitch marker was absolutely required and I didn't have one big enough for size 10 needles, so I got out the bead suitcase (yes, it's grown from cigar boxes and little bags to a suitcase) and made a stitch marker.  I had this crazy skull and crossbones bead, so I made the stitch marker in honor of my idol, who wears a skull ring.  Sorry it's a little blurry, close up.

We're off to the quilt show tomorrow, so I'll take the knitting along for the motel room.

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kate The kid said...

Nice! gonna have to show me when i get back in town. it looks great and i love the yarn! think viscose is a plant fiber, but it may be fake...hope EC is good to you-all.