Friday, July 13, 2012

Making a Yarn Bowl

There's a new product from Clover that I have been anxious to try out.  They are called Basket Frames and come in a variety of sizes and shapes.  This is  my first, made with a variegated, hand-dyed wool yarn and it turned out pretty good.  I've got the kits in the store now and there is a great Youtube video that shows just how to do it.  
Last weekend I worked on the selvage blocks again.  I have about 45 so far, but probably need about twice that many if I am going to make the quilt big enough for the bed.  Here is a picture that was shared previously, of four of the blocks finished and trimmed.
During the past week, I didn't have a bit of time to work on the river challenge.  I'll get going on that next week!

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P. said...

I hadn't seen those yarn baskets before. Neat idea.

I just love that center strip in your selvage blocks!