Thursday, April 14, 2011

What Goes Around Comes Around

The other night at a quilters' gathering, someone told about the latest thing, a "Ten Minute Quilt Block".  When she went on to explain, it was nothing more than the three dimensional bow tie block that I learned about YEARS ago, from the pages of Traditional Quiltworks Magazine.  Basically, a fifth square piece is inserted in a four-patch, so you get the bow tie without weird pieces and y seams (which make some people nervous).  Here it's a little easier to see the 3-D effect:
As a new twist, some people are turning back the edges of that center piece and hand-stitching to get a curved effect kind of like a cathedral window.  Guess what?  That turns a ten minute block into a two hour block!  I think I'll skip that option.  Here's a picture of my little quilt (about 36" square) that the label tells me I made in 1996.  Wow, don't forget the labels.
Last night I finished the quilting and started the binding of the little string pieced project, so it will soon be ready for public viewing.  Same thing for the "PEEP" quilt with the paper pieced chicks and eggs.  After that, I have two larger piecing projects that definitely need some attention.  If I don't get side-tracked again.

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True Blue Nana said...

You are a busy lady. Isn't it interesting when someone thinks they have put a new spin on something folks have been doing forever?