Sunday, April 3, 2011

Shop Sample

Returning from the quilt show last night, we had a lot of unpacking to do.  Most of today was spent putting things away and rehanging samples in the store.  As my "reward" when I finished, I put together a new shop sample, another project from Quiltsmart.  With Quiltsmart, the pattern is on fusible interfacing.  You iron it on the wrong side of your fabric and instantly you have all of your cutting and sewing lines!  I haven't tried any of their big quilt patterns (yet), but this is the third different bag.  This one is called the Market Bag.  (It is fully lined, reversible, with two pockets.)
I think it might become a knitting bag!  Speaking of knitting, the mobius scarf is almost finished and will be unveiled soon.

Here's a treasure that I found at the quilt show.  There was a booth selling vintage fabric and buttons and I bought a box of feed sack scraps.  I already have an idea for them too.
 Not everyone would understand the attraction of this little box of scraps!

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