Wednesday, April 20, 2011

And now for something completely different...

Monday, we had a meeting of people interested in forming a non-traditional quilt group.  I should have taken pictures - Nancy brought an interesting quilt ala Gwen Marston incorporating black and whites with bright prints.  Mary brought a batik wall hanging in earthtones.  Both are in the process of quilting with pearl cotton.  I showed them my little strip pieced project (fully intending to launch into more strip pieced blocks after everyone went home).  We hope that we can get a few more people to join us (Mondays, 1 PM).  There is a large and active modern quilt guild group operating in the Chapel Hill area.

When my guests went home, I did an internet search on the general topic of non-traditional quilts and up popped a link to a quilter named Kristin Miller (Canada).  I was interested in what she had to say and THEN, in her gallery, I found a number of quilts with spirals!  I printed a picture of one of them, not to copy but to study.  When normal people were going to bed, I started my first spiral.
Not the most beautiful fabric, but hey, I didn't even know if I could make it work!  I learned several things, one of which is that it takes an enormous amount of fabric.  There is a lot of waste as you sew and flip and trim.  I like where this is going.
The next puzzle will be where and how to end it.  Square or free-form? 

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True Blue Nana said...

You don't waste time do you? I am amazed. I will love seeing how you do this next Monday. I am back at the beach (no I do not own a beach!) and am finishing by black and white quilt top to bring.

Did you start this with a half square triangle?