Friday, April 29, 2011

Spiral II

On Sunday and Monday I worked on a new spiral.  This one is smaller than the first and made from scraps from my batik stash.  More different colors.  The hardest thing is getting started.  As this progressed, I decided to finish it in a hexagon shape.  I actually drew out a 11 inch diameter hexagon and pinned the spiral in progress, then added strips to the edge a la paper piecing, so it would end up the right shape.  This one will be machine quilted.  I'll clean up those outside edges after it is quilted.  Here it is basted and ready to go:
I don't feel like I got much else accomplished this week!  I continue to hand quilt the first spiral;  it will be ready to show again soon.  I'm also thinking about some new string pieced ideas.......