Monday, January 31, 2011

Artrageous Saturday

On Saturday, the Artrageous Quilters met here at Cotton Fields.  Our activity this month involved writing "prompts" on slips of paper, drawing two and beginning an original piece based on those prompts.  We had 20 minutes.  Some of the prompts were simple, like "circle" or "green".  What did I get?  "tell a story" and "paisley"!  Here's all I had at the end of 20 minutes:
Someone brought a red paisley print, so I cut out a couple of the motifs.  Thinking of the "Mr. Peanut" character, I decided to design a "Mr. Paisley".  For the "tell a story" part of the challenge, he needed to be doing something.  I had flowers and ground and sunshine to work with.  Maybe he's going for a walk!

I began the layering and stitching.  I added some trees.

Here's the finished product: "Mr. Paisley goes to the Park".  Everything is machine sewn with the exception of beading, sewing on the bird button and finishing the binding.  Ta da!


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