Thursday, January 20, 2011

Crooked on Purpose

I have a pattern titled "Crooked on Purpose" that people really seem to like.  You square up the blocks after they are sewn, which makes everything fit together easily.  Another thing going for it is that it is a scrap quilt, and in the miniature version that means that you only have to find pieces 4" x 5" and away you go.  I had made the small version first, hand quilted with pearl cotton and added a few buttons.  Here it is:

The other night I decided to make it again, with 6" blocks.  I had a great Robert Kaufman print that I wanted to use as the inspiration, and this time I went into my batik scraps to mix and match.  Then I had a lovely time cutting (got carried away and cut enough for two and then some).


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True Blue Nana said...

I love it. I have not seen this pattern before. It looks every "Gwenny"! So glad to see you are blogging.