Sunday, January 23, 2011

Selvage Obsession!

I first became aware of Karen Griska and her selvage quilts when I attended the Empire Quilters Guild quilt show in NYC two years ago.  Actually, I was most fascinated by her strippy fan quilt (but that will be the subject of a later blog).

Many of my friends just shake their heads when I talk about sewing with selvages, but it is so much fun!  I can't take credit and I won't tell you how to do it, so get the book:  Quilts from the Selvage Edge.  Also, if you do an internet search of either "Karen Griska" or "selvage quilts" you can find her website and blog and pictures of all sorts of things people have made using selvages.

Here I am in our booth at the Durham, NC quilt show, showing one of my first efforts, a design taken from the book.
Well, I didn't stop there!  I made pot holders and snap bags (from the pattern "Snap Happy").  Then I made a little flat purse, earrings, and fabric postcards (another hobby of mine).
On Saturday, two very good friends, Marty D. and Sue F. came over and I showed them how to go about sewing with selvages.  They are each designing their own projects.  Here's the top that I made.  It's only about 20" x 20", so will be a table topper.


Anonymous said...

The workshop was a blast! I could have stayed all night sewing. It really put a new fire under this old body to do something. Thanks Lori! Sue F.

kate The kid said...

i wanna see the earrings more-close...would you be willing to make me a pair using some selvage bits i may have? really!

rush said...

i love these things. if i look closely enough, i will see our contributions!