Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Crooked on Purpose Continued

Last week I mentioned my pattern "Crooked on Purpose"  and showed a picture of the small (3" block) version.  Do you ever lose things?  I had made 6" blocks for the large version and couldn't find that nice tidy stack ANYWHERE.  That was a perfect excuse to start matching again.  I had that Kaufman print that I'd been wanting to use anyway, so I brought out the bolt and some batik scraps and started playing.
I pressed and cut and cut some more and eventually had enough to make more than one quilt.  I have discovered that I love getting things READY!

Here's how things looked after the blocks were done and I was working on the placement.

There is always some shuffling involved when trying to make a scrap quilt look random!

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LoriM said...

I love the colors on this one!