Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Short Attention Span

In a severe reaction to binding a "traditional" quilt the other night, I brought out my sad little collection of synthetics (I have been a cotton snob for over 25 years) and started to put together an art quilt a la Pamela Allen.  


rush said...

maybe a rolling stones fan should go first!!! this blog will be fun, even though we qwacs look over your shoulder almost weekly. i will look forward to watching this blog site. even though you dragged your feet, i think this will be a great place to visit. maybe you can blog about other things, too, having to do with fabric, the business, etc. you have much to say! best wishes. fonda

jnelson said...

I will love this blog almost as much as I love my very talented sister-in-law who is creating it! Being born a true blooded "Dolphin", I can only say if the turtle becomes unhappen in the garden, perhaps some seaweed on the purple will enlighten him! It is looking terrific so far!

rush said...

i took a look, put those unmentionables back in your dresser drawer where they belong.