Friday, September 14, 2012

Work and Play

Being a shop owner, sometimes I sew things I WANT to sew and sometimes I sew things I NEED to sew.  Luckily, the "CADDY PAD" by Sisters' Common thread fell into both categories.  With an inside layer of Insul-Bright, it will protect you from a hot iron when it is time to pack up and go home from a workshop.  With a lining of silver, heat resistant fabric, it opens out flat to make a mini ironing surface.  It took longer than I thought it would to put it all together, but here it is, a new shop sample (another great idea suggested to me by my great sister-in-law, Jeri).
Here is what it looks like opened up.
Off in a completely different direction, Ruth, Sally and I got together to play with polymer clay.  We had a grand time and I wish I had had my camera  along!  Everyone went in a different direction, but we were all very happy with our end results.  Here are my little buttons and beads that I carried home. 

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