Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cathedral Window Purse + MORE

I ran across this unfinished project recently and decided to finish it.  I have the body of the bag put together, but the proportions aren't right.  It needs to have another row of blocks added to the top edge.  DARN.  I'm preparing the necessary 12 more blocks now.  If I could finish it this week, it could be show and tell at a quilt luncheon on Saturday.
I'm not going to try to give a lesson on how to make cathedral window blocks here.  Suffice to say that my squares are cut 5 1/2" and I do the first step by machine;  after that, the rest of the stitching is by hand.

In other news, I finally got around to playing with my acrylic paints the other day.  You might remember that I was inspired by a Quilting Arts DVD by Alisa Burke titled "Creating Vivid Mixed-media Fabric".  Multiple layers are applied in various ways, with drying time in between.  This is what came out of my first paint session.

Alisha paints on canvas, but I had YARDAGE of this extra wide floral home dec fabric.  I painted on the back side of all of the pieces except for the last one.  Interesting effect.
Last night I played around with my pieces a little more.  I made some freezer paper stencils to iron on and mixed up some blue paint in my little spray bottle.

Before I cleaned up, I used the rest of the blue paint in the bottle.
I know, I know, so far it just looks like I'm making a mess.  More layers will be added.  Many more layers.  I plan to make a journal cover with one of the pieces.  Who knows what might develop?

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Dawn Hendrix said...

have I told ya lately.. I LOVE THAT PURSE!!!! you are just making me want one sooooooo bad!