Friday, September 14, 2012

Now it's Really Finished

After all of that work, the cathedral window purse was just a little bit boring.  Today I added some flat round polymer clay beads, attached with seed beads.  Just a little something, but I think that the detail helps.
Those were some beads made a couple of years ago, just waiting for the right project to come along.  Now I have my new beads, made yesterday.  I don't think Sally and Ruth will let me get away will sitting on them as long.

Last night, I pressed down on the wrong edge of a clay tool (the sharp edge) and cut my finger.  Band-aid!  Then, what bad luck, this afternoon I had a run-in with the serrated edge of a freezer paper box.  Ouch.
Hope it doesn't slow down my rotary cutting!

1 comment:

P. said...

That is a sweet purse! The beads give it a special something and draw your eye.

Sorry about your boo-boos. Heal fast!

Thanks for your nice comment, too! I was going to reply by email but you are coming up "no reply."