Sunday, September 30, 2012

More at the Quilt Show

The local quilt show was located in a wonderful old building, a restored train station.  It's an enormous room, but we had SO MANY QUILTS (even though we had strict limits on how many each quilter could enter) that the aisles were narrow and it was hard to get head-on shots of the quilts.

Also, as you can see, it was a little dark.

Here's my Summertime Stars quilt with a 2nd place ribbon.
Here's BEST IN SHOW, by Linda Baker.  (To get back far enough, I was behind the check in table, and ballot box!)
Our River Challenge was hung, and after the quilt show it will be on display for the month of October at the Riverwalk Gallery here in Washington.

We all had a wonderful time.  We were busy and the time just flew.  Packing it all up at the end was a chore as usual, but the boxes were lighter than when they went in and the rain let up just in time   Now, to get ready 
for the next quilt show in TWO WEEKS!

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NickiJ said...

Wow, the distance between the quilts was small... I wonder how many people tripped. And, no room to back up for a photo of your fav quilt! I certainly loved your river challenge, what a wonderful idea. Keep up the glorious work!