Monday, August 13, 2012

Too Many Projects, Too Little Time

I finally finished trimming the 72 selvage blocks.  
This nice, neat stack of 8 1/2" squares makes me happy.  People who know me will just groan.  I'd love to start in on the selvage top, but I have so many things to do and four (count 'em, FOUR) quilt shows looming on the horizon.

A tiny bit of progress was made on the river challenge, due at the first quilt show, at the end of September.  After wondering and wondering how to make the gulls' legs (hand stitching? machine stitching? paint?), I got up one morning and just thought "for heavens sake" and DREW them on with a black Pigma pen.  They look fine.
Over the weekend, I made some more "Blooms".  I'll have some finished ones, along with the patterns, for sale at the quilt shows, for lazy people or non-sewers that have been coerced into attending! 
Then, along came ANOTHER craft idea!  I made some of these many years ago, cutting the pieces out of cereal box cardboard.  Now Clover offers a kit.  I need to make a sample!
Last, but not least, I was minding the store and minding my own business, the morning that Jean came in with this idea for a 3-D pinwheel block that she saw on vacation.  Looks like something else fun to try.  Oh dear!

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Dawn Hendrix said...

OO I think you should send me those 8 1/2' squares.. they look sooooo lovely!

THe pinwheel block looks quite fun!