Friday, August 31, 2012

Don't Throw Anything Away

A while back, I was cleaning out a miscellaneous drawer and found an open package of notebook paper reinforcements.  Kids today wouldn't know what they are!  Maybe some of you don't either, or don't remember.  Little round stickers with a hole in the middle to add to notebook paper so it wouldn't pull out of the three ring notebook.  Anyway, my kids are grown up and have been out of school for a long time.  My hand was over the wastebasket when I thought WAIT A MINUTE!
The little Mardi Gras quilt will eventually go to a child, so no buttons or beads are allowed.  I appliqued the ribbon trim firmly, then used the reinforcements ... I stuck them down, dabbed a little glue over the hole and added glitter.  I used a dauber (made for stenciling) to add  the larger green dots, then went back to the reinforcements for the yellow paint.  About this time, I ran out of reinforcements, so improvised with my paper punch and some price stickers.  They sort of worked, but didn't really stick to the fabric as well as I wanted.  Still, the over-all effect turned out OK.

I love to "get things ready" and sometimes I go overboard.  I quilted a lot of pieces to get ready to make some more little zippered bags.  Over the weekend, I sewed up seven of them and then I ran out of zippers!  I still have a pile of pieces ready to go, as soon I have a chance to go zipper-shopping.  (Actually, I have a ton of of zippers, but all the rest are 7", too short.)

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