Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mardi Gras Mask

One of my quilt groups will be hosting a luncheon in a couple of weeks and the theme is "Mardi Gras".  Guess what?  There is another challenge involved (actually two).  Some members will be decorating Mardi Gras masks and others will be making "comfort squares" (12" quilted squares to later be given to children in need).  I decided on the latter and after much delay, started putting things together last night.  This morning I did the quilting - simple stipple, gold metallic in the center and green in the corners.  After the binding I will do a little bit of embellishment, but, because it will eventually go to a child, no buttons or beads are allowed.  I have a couple of ideas.... 
Here's a close-up.  I didn't see that stray thread until I cropped the picture.  Do you ever have stray threads?

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