Friday, August 17, 2012


The main reason that I haven't finished the river challenge quilt is that I was stumped as far as how to create the impression of plants in the foreground.  Finally, I decided on a combination of stitching and gluing.  With dark green thread I randomly stitched little clumps of grass.  Then I pulled out my trusty plastic bags.  I melted three layers together for strength and cut narrow, curved strips.  I've glued the plastic pieces down with Aleene's "OK to Wash It", same as the tree tops and when it is dry I will add a little more stitching and a few bead "pebbles".  As you can see, I've also added just a little bit of a chunky yarn to add texture along the path.
Another reason that the river challenge isn't finished is that, as usual, I have been distracted by a bunch of little projects like knitting, making the cute BLOOMS flower pins, and this, a new shop sample:

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