Thursday, August 2, 2012

Is it a Purse Yet?

The other day, I showed some pieces of a Cathedral Window Purse in progress.  Here's the whole story ...
One evening (2+ years ago) we were at an outdoor-restaurant-patio venue waiting for our son's band to play (The Kingsbury Manx - you can find a LOT of their material on Youtube).  I spotted a lady carrying a cathedral window purse and practically mugged her.  She was very patient.  No, she didn't make the purse herself.  She didn't mind if I looked it over.  The next day I sat down and began to make plans.  I wished that I had made notes the night before, though, instead of just relying on my memory!
Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I was cleaning up around the shop and came across my darling Wizard of Oz Tin tucked into a box with other stuff.  "Wonder what's in here".  Well, there was my half finished purse.  I've been working on it again, on and off.  Sally and I sat and stitched together last night and I made lots of progress.
That's the handle at the top.  The weird piece attached at the bottom will BE the bottom.  The bag will be three blocks tall and five blocks wide, with the sides, bottom and handle just one block wide.  I'm not sure now whether or not it will be deep enough so I'm going to go ahead and put everything together except the handle and see how it looks.

My sister-in-law, Jeri, sent me another fabulous idea.  She found the pattern Blooms from Fig Tree Quilts and bought me a copy.  I made these little flower pins and it was so much fun.  Cute!  Cute!  Cute!  Easy and fun.  Guess what?  I've contacted the company and have a dozen patterns on their way to me.
I almost called this post "Sneaky Cat 3".  After all was said and done on the second day of the sale yesterday, I walked out to the check-out desk and found this.  I wasn't the only one tired out.  So was my greeter.

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Jean said...

That is a really cute pattern! Can't wait to see your purse finished!