Saturday, August 18, 2012

The River Challenge

The "River Challenge" wall quilt is finished.  Yesterday I added the final embellishments and today I stitched on the facings.  All of the river challenge quilts will be faced, measure 16" x 20" and will be hung together in a special display at the Sept 28 and 29 quilt show.  I will be at the show and will try to get a picture of the entire exhibit.
Inspired by a Quilting Arts episode, the usual suspects (Sally and Ruth),  met at the store to try to make sun prints.  We painted our fabric with special fabric paint, arranged interesting "stuff" on top and took them out in the sun.  Here are a couple of the things I tried.
We were all disappointed!  I don't know what went wrong, but we failed to get nice sun prints.  Here's how bad it was:
Maybe we will do further research and try again.  If anyone has helpful advice, we would love to hear it.


Katherine said...

what paint did you use?
any transparent acrylic is supposed to work, but Setacolor ismade for doing sunprints

Lori R said...

Sadly, we got bad information. Used OPAQUE Setacolor. I may just try some of my plain old acrylic craft paints watered down and see what happens.

Cindy said...

Try one of those halogen garage work lights. They get hot and make great sun prints and are more dependable than the sun.