Thursday, April 26, 2012

Under Construction

I FINALLY had a chance to sit down and do some fun sewing.  My growing collection of selvages has been on my mind.  I have made lots and lots of little selvage projects from pot holders and snap bags to table topper and small lap quilt, but this time I think I'll go for it and make a bigger quilt (many thanks to Karen Griska, whose book Quilts From the Selvage Edge has been a big inspiration).

I cut 9" foundation blocks from some icky faded fabric that was on it's way to the garbage.  For something different, I decided to start each block with a strip of the same fabric and then piece selvages on each side of it, out to the corners.  Two reasons:  1) to add unifying element and 2) a little less bulk in the corner intersections.  Here's what I started with.
I tried to use mostly selvages with writing.  Here are three completely pieced blocks and one that is in progress.
 And here are the first four finished blocks after they were trimmed.
I'm using absolutely anything, as long as it is wide enough and long enough.  

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Jean said...

Love your selvage blocks. I have a tub full too and need to make something with them. I love the center red checked strips.