Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day Off? Off Day

Yesterday wasn't supposed to be my day off, but it felt like it.  I had SO  MUCH time on my hands that I made some little kits to go with my "Crooked on Purpose" patterns.
While making the kits, because of the variety of fabrics it calls for, I also cleaned up a very messy, piled-up cupboard of miscellaneous fabric (wish I had a "before" picture!)
THEN ...
I worked on the Windmills quilt top.
THEN ...
I read the book Stalking the Angel by Robert Crais.  I love his Elvis Cole character and thought that I had read all of his books to date (in order), but somehow this one had escaped me until now.  Another P.I. with a smart mouth.  Good stories.

On Friday, I sewed the sleeve to the back of the Phone Book Quilt, so it will be ready for it's appearance at the Greenville, NC quilt show on April 20 and 21.  Cassie misunderstood and thought it was there for her napping pleasure!

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Jean said...

I have helpers like this too! They sit on it while I am trying to sew it too, sometimes!