Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Little Self-Promotion

We finally got around to adding pictures of my original patterns to the store website (www.cottonfieldsnc.com)  Some of the patterns are by-products of teaching beginning quilting classes.  I already had the supplies and measurements all figured out, plus a sample made, so why not put them all together?
Other patterns were specially designed for our annual "Romancing Eastern North Carolina Shop Hop" which takes place each February.
This pattern began it's life as a Mystery Quilt Class:
Here's our best-selling pattern:
I could go on and on .... if you are curious about the rest, visit our website!

In other news, we visited the Washington (NC) waterfront area yesterday.  Love is in the air!  We watched a number of goose couples (geese couples???) carrying on, showing off and making some most unusual (mating?) honking noises.  As we were leaving, we spotted these two, just standing there, each on one leg.  They stood so long and so still that, as some children walked by, one said, "look at the statues".

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