Sunday, March 4, 2012

The New Idea

The very day that I finished the Phone Book Quilt, I found another strippy quilt to try!  This idea was in a sweet little book I bought from the guild table at a quilt show.
The "Cobweb" pattern was the one that caught my eye.  I went to my EQ program to draw out the foundation pattern and printed about a dozen blocks.  Then I decided to use old scraps for this old pattern.  I have a plastic bin of feed sack scraps that I bought at another quilt show.  I'll limit myself to the fabric in the box, so that will dictate how large the project gets.  I have a few whole feed sacks, so may pull out one or two of them when it is time for border and/or binding.
Starting another project made me feel more than a little guilty.  I can start projects a lot faster than I can finish them!  I decided that, before I played with my feed sack scraps, I would quilt the table runner that has been floating around here for a while.  It was basted and I had made one feeble attempt at machine quilting.  Straight lines didn't work, it made the fabric pull and pucker badly.  Today I added a few more lines of basting and then quilted with a large stipple pattern.  I was very happy with the results.
I think that the quilting took about 2 hours.  Now all that's left to do is the binding and I can check another project off my list.  I am NOT the world's best machine quilter, but I'm getting better and this is quite acceptable to me.

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