Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cobweb Progress

The blocks are together!  I didn't have enough feed sack scraps to make any more than this.  So, here it is, hanging up on the wall.

Here is the back ...
And here is a close-up of one of those 12 seam intersections that I was whining about earlier.
After I finish pulling the rest of the paper off, I have a solid red that I am thinking about using as a border and also a WHOLE feed sack that is a white, blue, and red print that would be nice for an outer border.

I'm continuing to hand quilt the four-patch kaleidoscope quilt.  I'm using masking tape to mark the straight lines criss-crossing each four-patch block.  The little yellow blocks each have a simple four petal stencil design that will barely show up in the long run.
What else?  I sold my store sample of the Windmills quilt (Cotton Fields original pattern), so this week I cut out another one.  This is the original sample, the new one is bright yellow, green and brown.
It's a simple design, so I can probably get it put together over the weekend.  I also just machine quilted a selvage table topper (another something-or-other that had been waiting around for a while).  As soon as it's binding is finished, it will be ready to show off, too.   

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