Saturday, January 14, 2012


Have I been in a slump this week?  Not much to show?  Not much to show that is blog-worthy!  Working a little bit on many different things, including folding a zillion (maybe around 100) fat quarters in preparation for the shop hop that is now less than a month away.  Not my favorite chore, but Sally helped.  THANKS, SALLY!  Also finished the binding on the shop hop quilt.  Also attended two quilting meetings and missed a third.

Work continues on the SHATTERED quilt (so, maybe "Scattered" should come next?)  It is slow going, but here is where it stands:
Here's what the backing looks like, in case anyone is curious.  Wait ... what is that big gray blob?
I have to end today with a little confession:  There has also been a bit on knitting going on.  This scarf looks boring now, but I'll show it again after I bind off.  It's the waterfall scarf pattern that I showed once before.  Stitches are dropped during the bind-off that produce special effects.
Romancing Eastern North Carolina Shop Hop takes place February 1-4.  Full information is on our store website and on the Romancing Eastern .... FACEBOOK page.

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Sally Hamilton said...

You're welcome! Call me any time you want help folding fat quarters, binding a quilt, winding yarn into a ball - for some reason, I enjoy those tasks immensely! The waterfall scarf will be beautiful in that yarn. I started a pair of sox for today's knitting circle ...