Monday, January 9, 2012

It's a BIG Runner

In the January 4 post, I showed the pieces cut out for a table runner.  The top is finished this morning and it's a big one, 21" wide and 49" long.  Here it is, pinned to the wall:
It's another project designed by Susan Fuquay of American Quilt Retailer.  (Previously, I've shown "Punkin Heads" and "Rick Rack Out of Whack", two more of her designs.)  I used two bright batiks and I love it!  It could easily become a "bed runner" by adding a little more length.  I've never made a bed runner, but I understand that they are all the rage.  A pretty thing to lay across the foot of the bed as an accent and an extra layer to keep your toes warm.

Here's a question.  Do you think that cats can smell quilts in progress?  I was working on the binding of the SECRET shop hop quilt the other day and stepped away for a few minutes.  This is what I found when I came back.  Doesn't Cassie look smug?  Baby looks unconscious.  Ha ha ha ...
I'm still hand quilting on the Shattered Quilt and the Phone Book Quilt.


Sally Hamilton said...

Man oh man! I'm so jealous of Baby - I wish I could sleep that hard and intensely.

kate The kid said...

beautiful runner - LOVE the colors...miss you terribly

ruffle the kitties : ) =^..^=