Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Light Bulb Came On!

The "Shattered" quilt has been hanging on the wall so that I can look at it every time I walk by.  That's what happens when I'm not sure what to do next.  Last night I mixed paint (nothing fancy, fabric medium with acrylic craft paints) and did the stenciing.  I took my time and got just the color I wanted.
With all of the stitching on top of and around the letters, I know that I need to do a like amount of stitching in the background, if I want the piece to be flat.  That is what has been bothering me.  I've decided to do some free form embroidery, lines and stars!  That's what I mean by the light bulb going off.  I also did a Google Images search and saw a piece I really admired, from a blog called iHanna.  Now that I have some direction again, I've pulled out the embroidery thread and I'm ready to go.

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