Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Where Has the Time Gone???

Preparing for two craft sales and working on Christmas gifts has kept me too busy to BLOG.  Oh, dear!  Did I mention an end-of-the-year sale at the quilt shop, too?  I am nearing the end of the list of knitted gifts I have planned - here's what I have so far.  Just one more scarf to go!
One craft sale down, and one to go!  Here is a sample of the little cosmetic bags I am stitching up for next weekend.  Each one will get a little beaded pull on the zipper, then they will be finished.
 Last weekend, a customer came in wearing a cute ruffled scarf.  I couldn't stand it!  Found the pattern, went shopping for the yarn (Starbella - check it out on YOUTUBE) and started to knit.  I have enough for two scarves.
I am itching to get started on some new SEWING projects.  People have asked about classes for the first of the year, so I had better get my thoughts organized and make some samples.  Oh, and I have two challenges to complete - one due in March and the other in April.  So far they only exist in my brain.  Lots to do ...

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