Monday, December 12, 2011


Here's what I was trying to spell last night.  The quilt challenge due in April is titled "I Am ..."  We have had a number of "things" happen to us this year.  Not appropriate to dwell on them here.  Before you get too concerned with my mental health, please remember that I am also a HUGE Rolling Stones fan and that is the title of a favorite song, too.

I have a dilemma because, when I measured the piece shown above, it is approximately 30" long.  Then I got out the challenge guidelines (it would have been too logical to look at them before!).  The entire perimeter of the piece is not to exceed 80", therefore I have already used up 60" of it and the quilt can only be 10" tall!  Ha ha ha!
The original word may turn up in something else.  This afternoon I started piecing letters again.  Here they are on the ironing board, next to the first word.  I'm trying to make them smaller, but so far they aren't MUCH smaller!  I can narrow the H and the T's and keep width in mind as I add my spacers.  Maybe it will work out.

Meanwhile, look what was going on while I wasn't looking.

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True Blue Nana said...

Yes it has been a helluva year, glad it is almost over.