Friday, December 30, 2011

Ideas for a New Year

My brain is overflowing with things I want to do!  I am currently  hand-quilting both the "Shattered" wall hanging and the "Phone Book" quilt.  Pictured is a close-up of "Phone Book".  I am using #12 black pearl cotton, sharp embroidery needle, and the thinnest Quilters Dream Poly batting.  I showed off the yellow vintage fabric on the back in an earlier posting.  As you can see, I'm combining tying and quilting.  When I finish with the stars, green squares and ties in block corners, I'll have to decide if that's enough, or if I need to add a few lines of stitching to the strippy parts.

This afternoon I cut and prepared the binding for the shop hop quilt (to be revealed here on February 5).

Next, I need to plan new shop classes for January and beyond.  Lots of ideas, so little time!  Here's one I'd like to explore.  Changing this:
Into this:
Of course, that's not a NEW idea at all!  Just marketed in a different way by yet another designer.  This is a miniature, only 11" x 12 1/2", from a pattern by Primitive Gatherings.  Other, similar designs are found in the book Square Dance, by Martha Thompson.

Another class I'd like to do involves re-visiting an old favorite of mine - the "Railroad Crossing" quilt.  It's very versatile and is a way to use up some accumulated scraps.
Last, but not least, I'm just going to give a peek at a fabric I have chosen to try out another idea.  This is just the fabric ... you'll have to wait to see what I'm planning to do with it!

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