Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

This is what has been taking up a lot of my time:


Oh, do you  see a big blank?  That's because I've been working on the shop hop quilt, which remains a SECRET until February.  I've been making steady progress and only have the borders left to sew on.  I'll send it away with my good friend Lilly next week to be machine quilted.  (Lilly's Machine Quilting, Vanceboro, NC, 252-244-1988)  Lilly has quilted all of my shop hop quilts except one, which was small enough that I decided to hand quilt. 

About two weeks ago, I discovered the pattern for the Hexagon Star (designed by Kaye Wood) in an old Fons and Porter Magazine.  Here is the first one in progress.
And what do I always do?  Go crazy and cut out a bunch of them!  This is the collection so far:
I'm not just doing this for my health - I have a Christmas craft sale coming up in about three weeks.  One problem, though, is that I didn't make any in Christmas colors.  So I've rounded up a few combinations and will cut out some more this afternoon.
Here's another SOMETHING in progress.  I'll keep you guessing until next time!
As you can see, while cutting I couldn't resist trimming off some selvages to use in a future project.  I have a whole shopping bag FULL.

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