Saturday, December 31, 2011

Cleaning Up

New Year's Eve finds me cleaning up the shop in preparation for our annual New Year's Open House.  I decided to tackle a really junky looking shelf and just had a big surprise.  I was innocently sorting magazines, baggies of buttons, folders of class hand-outs and miscellaneous, when I came across a BOX.  Oh no, look what was in it:
More selvages!  Where did they come from???  I went into the other room to gather up the selvages that I "knew" I had, so you could see them all together.  Now I need to come up with a really big project.  All of those cute selvage tree ornaments didn't even make a dent.  And now this!
I'm back at work on the "Shattered" project.  One day before Christmas, I cut the freezer paper stencils.
Tonight I finished quilting around the letters and ironed on the stencils.  I'll wait and mix paint when I'm past tomorrow's festivities.  After that, more stitching and maybe some beads.  Happy New Year!

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